My real name is Justyna Kowalska but you can call me Sirena. You could say that I am a polish artist happily lockdown on spanish La Palma Island but the truth is that I am a mermaid.

My art is an invitation to the quiet journey through the landscape of your own inner infinity, to the ocean of your dreams.

I am drifting between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranian Sea. Along the way, I paint and photograph dreamy seascapes. They reflect the journey I went to reconnect with Nature and to regain faith in dreams. I’d like to invite you to join this quest.


Sirena [born Justyna Kowalska] is a Polish abstract painter, photographer, and theatre artist currently based on La Palma Island in Spain. After graduating from AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków in 2008, she worked as a director, actress, and playwright for national stages; she was also a screenwriter in polish radio and television. In 2018 she took a sabbatical to recover from burnout and depression. The journey around the Canary Islands led to the spiritual and artistic transition. Through art, Sirena is exploring the topic of reconnection with Nature and dreams. She paints abstract seascapes with the use of organic materials (sand, sticks, dried plants). In photography, Sirena focuses on poetic landscapes and mythological self-portraits

My art studio is in Nature.


I start to paint on the beach; I listen to the Ocean and let the wind to mix the sand with acrylic paint. I continue in my garden, mostly under the pine. Then the gifts of the Earth like stones, sticks or dried cactuses become also the part of my abstract seascapes. Sometimes I add my photography and recycled materials. I love to paint on plywood. It’s a perfect base for the sand and other organic elements. My paintings are three dimensional, they have the structure. Some people can’t resist the urge to touch my artworks.

I create when I’m still half dreaming. Nights before are bringing me a lot of visions; after a long walk, I fall asleep under the billion stars hotel – on the shore or inside the nearby cave.


I photograph Ocean, Sea and mythological self-portraits. I like the intimacy of the process: only my divine alter-ego and scenography designed by Nature. Then I can honestly be myself and connect with the landscape. I don’t use advanced cameras but light and easy to carry smartphone. At home, I manipulate photography with digital applications, sometimes blending with my paintings.

Here is my artist statement.

At times I feel as if I am spread out over the landscape and inside things, and am myself living in every tree, in the plashing of the waves, in the clouds and the animals that come and go, in the procession of the seasons.

Carl Gustav Jung