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I tell stories about inner freedom and the joy of life through performance, visual arts, writings, video & theatre. In recent projects, I focus on fairytale spirituality discovered during journeys. I create on wild beaches, in the mountains, forests, under the waterfalls… Wherever I find beauty. Nature is my Muse.

I’m constantly inventing new characters what is the effect of the strong theatrical background. For 15 years I worked as a theatre director, scriptwriter and actress for polish theaters, television, radio and NGO institutions; I received several awards and grants in those fields to one day pack my backpack and go for a vision quest through the Canary Islands. There I experienced alternative styles of life and found my new more free-spirited art voice. The voice of Sirena.

I also provide creative workshops to make participants feel more free, joyful and connected with their inner kiddos.

fot. María the Animal Princess

+ awards and grants

+ some personal facts

I’m a hippie girl now – I live in the caves and under the sky. When I can, I walk barefoot, nudity is part of my freedom and art practices. I don’t have a driver license, so I hitchhike. I’m addicted to barraquito (coffee with condensed milk and liquor). I love funny animals: I have cat Froggy who has no balance and walks in circles for hours and imaginary silkie chicken named Sofia Loren. I don’t eat animals with whom I could make friends. I look and behave young but I survived the middle-age crisis. I’m Hyper Sensitive Personality (HSP), when I feel overstimulated I hide in the hammock for radical relaxation or go for trekking alone. When I feel shy, I dance. My favorite rhythm in 5 Rhythms Dance is Chaos. In chaos I find stillness. I find stillness when I look at the sea. Or paint. I wanna be a punk group leader when I grow up.

fot. Banan

[Read about my Journey and join the Sunny Vision Quest]

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