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Sirena Kowalska [born Justyna Kowalska, 1978] is a Polish multidisciplinary artist currently focused on fine art photography – dreamy landscapes and fairytale-inspired self portraits and performance art. She is also an award-winning theatre director, actress, play and screenwriter with 15 years of experience. Sirena is best known for her courageous stage adaptation of Witkacy. 

In 2018, she decided to leave dark city stages for the sunny Canary Islands where she experienced a free-spirited hippie lifestyle. She lives in the caves, paints on wild beaches and seeks a strong connection with nature, which became a focus of her art. Sirena uses her theatrical background, working with photography. The photo frame is her stage. Sometimes she makes performance art.

Hi, I’m Sirena, an artist from a fairy tale & dreamer.

I managed to overcame depression by escaping from the big city where the sky is gray for 10 months in the year and people constantly complain. I found a home in the cave. My pop art studio is on the beach, creative process is on the way. I call it a Vision Quest. Here I find myself. As a Siren or an Unicorn. I live in a Dreamworld and would like to bring thiis Dreamworld to your life.

Visit the beach art studio

Few days ago I made a video for Marie Forleo, because I’m applying for a scholarship in her B-school. Keep fingers corossed and join me on La Palma island.

I believe in Vision Quests Manifesto

I’m Sirena and I believe in Unicorns. I live in a Dreamworld full of art.  

I dare to dream and I dare to go for a dreams. Barefoot. The Earth I feel under my feet is my Mother. Volcano is my Lover. Sun is the guide. 

I run with the wind. Why don’t to listen his whispers and follow the river stream until the coast?

Dancing or painting on the wild beach is always a fabulous idea if you take off all your clothes. Be naked and pure like newborn kids. Let’s be who we really are!

Looking at the sea in silence is also good. We will find harmony in the horizon line.  

„Sky is not the limit”, says Moon. 

The moon is a poet and philosopher. Is asking why to live in a perfectly designed apartment with a view on a trash yard if you could lie down on sandy bed and watch the stars? Sky is the best theatre stage on the world. You don’t need a ticket to sit in the first row.

Sometimes I sleep in the cave.  Night is bringing me visions, morning – clear mind. 

That’s why I go for a Vision Quests. 

My Ego dissolves. I’m no more a human being, I am a mythical creature, the child of Earth and Dreams reborn in Fairytale. I’m free.

This is what is my art about.  

When I die I would like to be remembered as an artist with the magic carpet who brought dreamworld to your home. Fantasizing about becoming a mermaid is absolutely reasonable. Adopting an unicorn is a must. Ask your inner child.

fot. María the Animal Princess

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