The Journey

The January 2018, I decided to not postpone my life for later. I left my depression, middle age crisis and aspiring carer of a theater director. I packed my backpack, escaped from sad, grey Poland and went for my Sunny Vision Quest to discover what kind of life I want, to discover who I am. The missission was successful! Now the Vsion Quests are the most important part of my Philosophy and the art practice.

My Journey started in Gran Canaria Island, where I lived in the caves, tents and under the sky. I remember my first night in the cave, I was sitting with a knife, reacting with fear on every tiny sound. Now I can easily find a safe place for a night in nature and sleep there well. I trust that I can take care of me. In the mornings I’m rewarded with stunning views.

During this crazy trip, I visited Czech Republik where I performed on the streets, Finland where I tried to collect cans for a deposit on Festivals, enjoying saunas and swimming naked in cold Lakes, I was in France to harvest grapes for eco-champagne… But the most important part where on the Canary Islands, La Caleta – hippie beach on Tenerife where I could practice just being, where I heald my wounds and let my creativity to reborn in new shapes. And even more on wild La Palma where I felt totally free and complete, where I discovered my fairytale spirituality and received the answers for my questions from the beginning of Vision Quest.

I have the impression that I experienced more in one year than in the last ten. I painted on the beaches, I danced under waterfalls, I walked alone in the forests and mountains. and was doing whatever I feel is boosting my energy. I learned to be more spontaneous, don’t attach to plans, be open to whatever is coming to me and trust the Universe that is bringing me exactly what I need. I discovered my freedom and strongly connected with my inner kid – I play with this joyful girl a lot. I turned from unhappy women into happy hippie girl. And I’m not 20, I’m 40. I’m grateful that I let myself for this adventure.

Now, I want to invite you to join the trip. Go with Sirena to the Canary Islands to sleep in caves, paint on the beaches and dance naked with Unicorns.

I invite you to a VIP journey. Join me alone or with 1-3 friends. I will show you beautiful places. We will be hitchhiking and exploring the Island together, we will be sharing the adventures. We will paint together, dance, write, create. I believe that you could do it on your own but will be more fun if we’ll go together. And I will be totally for you. I will play with your inner girl. I will adjust the trip to you. Write to me and I will arrange the online meeting to talk about your expectations.