Paintings full of sand. Made with the sea, sun and wind…

I love to hear the ocean when I paint. To feel kisses of the sun on my skin, the touch of hot sand. I like to let the wind to blow the grains on the canvas and become an integral part of the artwork. Painting on the beach is a very sensual act. Sirena likes the most to create naked, to feel the all sensations more.

Paintings made by the sun and sand…

It’s more about the process than the physical effect. But the effects are very different, each beach has a unique energy. Beach impacts the paintings and the painter.

La Palma vibes

Gran Canaria colors

Florida flow

Do you want to bring the sea mood to your home? The mood of freedom and joy. Vibrant vibes of the sun. Sirena can paint something for you on the next journey.

Sirena’s dream

I would like to bring the beach with me whenever I’ll go. I managed to bring it on the stage in Krakow making live art performance and workshops. I want to do more such things. I dream also about building installation – artificial beaches to the galleries and other closed spaces. Let the people feel this total inner peace, join the relaxation through sensual painting with sand.