I believe in Unicorns

fine art photography + performance + dance + video // multidisciplinary alter ego project

This Winter I had a theatre show in the Witkacy Theatre in magical town at the polish side of Tatra Mountains, Zakopane. After the show Uncorn came to visit me in the wardrobe. Next day I went for a walk and then I saw him agan. It was not easy to catch this moment. Battery of my camera froze after five minutes, Unicorn dissapered in the snow,

Yes, there are such places in the world where I’m transforming into the Unicorn – the places where I can feel the Spirits. One of the first time it hapened in Candelaria, the fisherman’s village of cave-houses melted into the rocks (La Palma Island, Spain). Then I was not making Photography yet, so I asked a friend for a help.

fot. María the Animal Princess

One day after a strong emotional time, I went to Playa Callejoncito to cry and meditate. I found a cave at the end of the ravine. There were petroglyphs on the walls and someone put the stones in a strange way. The cave looked like an altar for pagan rituals. I slept there. In the morning I woke up as a Unicorn. I danced to silence.

Unicorn is dancing to silence, to water, to birds songs, to the music of nature. But sometimes Unicorn appears from the music made by humans and starts to dance about the wildness. This is still the part of Unicorn’s spiritual path.

And sometimes my Unicorn appears in the art galleries to dance about the inner freedom.

ART ZONA, Opening of the Artist Way Exhibition, Performance „Be Free. The Unicorn Dance”

I’m looking for artists who want to collaborate in the project: musicians, costume designers, photographers, curators… Institutions and supporters are more than welcome.